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Skyrim Audiobook Mod Reads Lore To You As You Play

Skyrim Audiobook Mod

It has been over 7 years since Skyrim was released and for most games, this would’ve long marked the ‘dead’ point of the game. Amazingly, however, people are still happily playing it and exploring the world looking to find every piece of information and quest that can be found.

When it comes to games such as this, however, a lot of the lore is not necessarily hidden, but it does require a lot of reading. A brand new mod, however, looks to take the chore of reading away from you by introducing an audiobook narration of every piece of literature you find!

Not Exactly New… But Improved!

Mods such as this are not exactly new for Skyrim. To date, however, they have largely relied upon very crude voice emulation software. Even then, they still generally require you to have the specific text open for it to work.

The new “Audiobooks of Skyrim” mod, however, looks to remove the more choring aspects of this. Specifically, by reading it to you as you play. Created by “Bassna” he has said that the mod: “greatly increase your immersion.”

The audio has, in addition, been specifically read out by an actual person rather than something akin to Microsoft Assist tools.

We sadly couldn’t find a video showing this mod in action. A video of the older mod below, however, gives you a (rough) idea as to what you can expect.

Where Can I Try It Out?

If you are still an active Skyrim player, then the chances are that you’ve become more than a little familiar with the mod process. Regardless of experience, however, the mod (and instructions to install it) can be found via the link here!

With around 560 lines of dialogue recorded, the mod still has around 100 to go. In terms of immersion, however, this should hopefully give you a much more enjoyable experience as you kill dragons while learning about things!

What do you think? Do you still play Skyrim? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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