Skyrim – Dawnguard PC Review

/ 5 years ago

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This week I have been taking a look at Bethesda’s first expansion for the ever popular Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; Dawnguard. Launched initially as an Xbox 360 exclusive, I had to wait for the PC release at the start of August to get my hands on this new content, but was it worth the wait?

When Bethesda announced Skyrim, they were quick to reveal their plans for the future of the game and its then to be announced DLC packs, stating that they would be shying away from the “horse armour” style content packs that we saw in the previous title in the series Oblivion, with a heavy focus on expansive and game changing DLC, with a much grander scope and more original content. A tall order to live up to, but given the scale of the game (Skyrim), it was pretty clear they were going to have to put out something pretty special to do the game justice.

I’m a big fan of Skyrim, having picked the game up on release day for the PC, I have already clocked several hundred hours of gameplay, over three playthroughs with various characters, extensive mods thanks to the Steam Workshop and explored the many corners the lands of Skyrim had to offer, right up until the point where I had gotten completely bored of the game, so with the release of this DLC I was extremely happy to hear there would be new adventures for me to embark on. Come and take a look at the next few pages where I will be taking a closer look at just what Dawnguard has to offer in the lands of Tamriel.

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