Skyrim’s ‘Game Jam’ experiments are something to behold

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Keeping with what is turning out to be a Skyrim themed week, with news and exciting announcements flowing out of the Bethesda camp.  Todd Howard showed a highlight reel at D.I.C.E 2012, of the mods created by Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  All created in one week at the Bethesda ‘Game Jam’ to demonstate both what the game could do, how awesome they are and also just for fun.

Howard made no promises that anything seen in the demo reel would ever make it into the game, but didn’t rule it out either, it would make sense to me that they were uploaded to the Steam Workshop at somepoint, no point in just holding onto the mods for no good reason in my opinion.  Check out the video below.

Here is a short list of some of the mods they created;

• Seasonal foliage.
• Spears.
• Kill cams for magic and ranged combat.
• Stealth enhancements such as water arrows.
• Paralysis runes.
• New follower commands for combat style and training.
• Building your own home..
• Goblins.
• Waygate fast travel.
• Mounted combat.
• Dragon mounts.
• Kinect-enabled shouts.
• Enhanced underwater visuals.
• Ice and fire arrows.
• A Werebear.
• Lycanthropy skill tree.
• Becoming a flying vampire, with minions..
• An enormous mud crab.
• “Fat giants.”

Lets keep our fingers crossed that these do make it into the game, if not from Bethesda then it will surely have given the mod community some great inspiration of what is possible with the Skyrim Creation Kit.


Source: Kotaku

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