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Slender Man Film Adaptation Trailer Is Released

Slender Man Film Adaptation Trailer Is Released

Historically, game to film adaptations has usually been a bit of a mixed bag. While some have been fairly decent (such as Resident Evil) others have been outright awful (Silent Hill). It is, however, no small coincidence that both of those films were based on the horror game genre.

The latest from this gaming genre to get the film treatment is Slender Man and with a new trailer just released, I suspect opinions are going to be divided.

Some Good News!

The good news is that Slender Man is actually a fairly decent concept for a horror film. The games themselves are rather slim on details, as such, the film can take the ‘story’ to a level of detail we have not seen. That is, however, as far as my praise for this movie goes so far as I suspect this is going to be another stinker.

Some Bad News!

Slender Man is a gaming horror icon these days. While he has never received a polished AAA release, the games involving him use horror as the main theme. This film, at least in the indications of the trailer, has a PG-13 rating. Just how scary can this film be with such a rating? It makes me worried that for the sake of box office, we’re going to end up with a watered down ‘horror’ film that will probably end up pleasing no one.

When Is It Out?

I’m not dumping on this film before I’ve seen it. I must again, however, highlight my concern on the age rating. Even a 15 would have made me feel a little more comfortable that they got the aim of this film more accurate to the very sparse source material.

Regardless of me though, if you do plan to check this out, Slender Man will release in Cinemas on August 10th.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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