Smart Cable Creates Backup of Your Phone While Charging It

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Cables have been to useless for to long, at least the developers behind this smart cable thinks so. This is the first of it’s kind, a cable with build in flash memory and a smartphone app to automatic backup your data when ever you charge your device, or just plug-in the the cable.

Of course you can decide what you want to backup and what not, and encryption is supported too. After all, they are your files and you should decide how they are treated. While many would say that you’d lose or destroy your charging cable rather then your phone, it’s a great alternative to automatic cloud backup. In the wake of the recent celebrity nude pictures scandal, I’m sure everyone can agree that the cloud just isn’t safe. It also has the benefit of not needing any WLAN or other connection to backup while on the go.

The cable, or rather the software, supports both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The cable itself can of course charge and connect any device like any other cable. It’s also possible to restore the data just from the cable, if it should be needed.

It’s only available in one colour so far, Luxury Green as they call it, and has between 16 and 64GB internal flash storage. The cable itself is 1 meter long and heavy duty to prevent breakage. The mobile app is free to be downloaded, as expected.



App Features:

  • Background service:
  • Identifies your device. Unknown device? It offers to choose between 3 Modes: Charge Only, Backup & Charge, or Recover.
  • Manage Backup (Recommended: choose Default for our best option):
  • Security
  • Setting up an Admin password on first connection is essential in order to protect your data. But you won’t need to type in your password every time you plug-in, bleep remembers you!
  • Smartphone users can choose to ‘password-protect’ their backup.
  • Password has to be typed in for recovery or for viewing the data.
  • Your data is encrypted.
  • Imitation Protection (beware of imitations: it can only work if it’s a bleep product).
  • Smart Backup: This option will keep previous versions of your data, based on free space on your device.
  • Upload-to-cloud button
  • Recovering Mode* Due to device manufacture privacy settings, restricted information such as credit card details, will not be backed up.
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At the time of writing the cable has long passed it’s goal of just $20k. It doesn’t take that much to get a device like this of the ground, but it’s something that must have been wanted. So far the project has been funded over $30k on Indigogo and there are still 48 days left.

There are still some early bird specials left where you get the cable with 16GB storage, included wall charger for $40, add another $10 for international shipping while US and Israel are free. A 32GB model can be had for $60 and the 64GB can be have for $78, while supply lasts. Retail prices are said to be 10-20% higher once released. The cables are planned for a shipment in Q3 of 2015.

Thank you Indigogo for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Indigogo.


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