Smart Helmet Is Indiegogo’s Fastest Funded Campaign of $1 Million

/ 3 years ago


The world’s smartest helmet, the Skully AR-1, is the fastest Indigogo campaign to hit the $1 million donation milestone. Looking at this helmet and what it has to offer, it’s really no surprise.

They had set a fundraising goal of $250.000, an impressive amount of money on it’s own, but it didn’t take them long to pass this. Only 45 hours into the campaign, the $1 million was breached. At the time of writing, the donations are up to $1.152.724 and that with 26 days left to go.


The Skully AR-1 offers the user with a heads-up display, a rearview camera and GPS navigation. It can also connect to your phone for internet access, hands free calling or streaming music. The connection to a mobile phone is done via Bluetooth. On the helmet side it also features such things as Anti-scratch and glare visor and perfect-fit laser cut foam padding.

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If you got interested in this pretty awesome new helmet, you can head over to Indigogo and pledge your donation, it all starts at $1.499.

Thank you Indigogo for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Indigogo.

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One Response to “Smart Helmet Is Indiegogo’s Fastest Funded Campaign of $1 Million”
  1. Wayne says:

    Do you realise how much I would’ve loved a helmet like this back in my youth when I used to take to the long, open, winding and empty roads on my 1983 Honda CB1100R which I bought brand new for R8000 South African Rands, equivalent to about 700 quid today, doing about 220 Km/h or 130 mph? I miss those days, I really do. Todays superbikes are much faster but at the time it was probably one of the fastest bikes on the planet, the forerunner to was was to become known as the superbike… Sorry, nevermind me, just reminiscing.
    I imagine the rear cam could be a bit distracting until you get used to it.
    I’d still be riding a bike today if it wasn’t for all the traffic an inconsiderate drivers, that and the fact I’m too chicken to do those speeds again.

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