Smart Storage unveil 1.6TB 2.5″ Optimus SSD

/ 5 years ago

The show piece of the 2012 flash memory summit at Santa Clara was something from the people at “Smart Storage”. Their “Optimus SSD” looks just like any other 2.5″  SSD, but with some significant differences.

Firstly, the Smart Storage Optimus SSD packs a staggering 1.6TB of storage capacity in the 2.5″ form factor. The highest capacity 2.5″ drive yet.

Secondly, it utilises dual SAS (professional equivalent of SATA III) connectors to allow up to 1GB/s of sequential read and 500MB/s of sequential write. It also boasts 100K random read IOPS and 50K random write IOPS.  The dual SAS connectors also allows for several types of enterprise features, such as failover and multipath data access.

The SSD controller is a proprietary one developed by Smart Storage. There are also two PCBs to allow for more memory chips in the same form factor. Finally there are rows of yellow capacitors along the left side that will keep the device powered up long enough in the event of power failure to flush all writes to NAND, ensuring data integrity.


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