$15 Million iPhone? Smartphone Bling Doesn’t Come Cheap!

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Stuart Hughes iPhone

Diamonds and Gold, great for rings, perhaps even a tennis bracelet. Perhaps even your smart phone, really?

Stuart Hughes designs “Ultimate luxury tailored in the UK”. Designing beautiful mobile phones, iPads, Laptops, Cars, Yachts, and the list goes on.

Recently Stuart Hughes designed a new a new chassis for the new iPhone 5, that’s right, I said chassis. This wasn’t just a bulky case to put your new iPhone in, it is the iPhone itself. The chassis is solid gold coming out to 135 grams (nearly 5 ounces), the home button was replaced with a 26 carat black diamond, around the edge of the phone there are about 600 white diamonds, and the Apple logo on the back of the phone has 53 diamonds. Really a stunning piece of art. You might ask how much this new iPhone would set you back, and the answer is 15 million dollars US or 10 million pounds, either way that is a lot of money!

Some people are more interested in luxury than to worry about protecting their devices.

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The Apple iPhone 5 currently retails from $199 for a 16GB to $399 for a 64GB. Either way I wouldn’t mind having one, though I might be worried about losing it or it getting stolen. Thieves become smarter, realizing that they could make a few bucks by stealing your cellular phone and selling it to an EcoATM kiosk. Thieves are able to turn your valuable phone into a quick and easy $250. Showing off some bling like this might make a thief try to steal your phone, or perhaps you for a nice little ransom.

According to Lookout Mobile Security over 2.5 Billon dollars worth of phones were lost or stolen worldwide in 2011 alone, that is roughly 1.5 billion pounds. People will sit their mobile device down, and forget it, or perhaps even drop it accidentally. A lot of people decide to purchase cases to protect their investment, with most people treating their cellular telephones as a lifeline, it is important that you keep it safe from unwanted damage.


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