Smartphones & Tablets Now Account For More Than 10% of Web Traffic

/ 5 years ago

Owning a smartphone or tablet is more and more of a common occurrence these days and we know that they are shaping the world as we know it. What we’re only now realising is how quickly they are doing so. NetMarketShare has released new information showing that mobile traffic from our smartphones and tablets now makes up over 10% of overall web traffic.

Now whilst this may not seem an overly large figure, we will point out that since March this year, this percentage has been growing fast from only 7.2% that it was at. This goes to show that browsing on the go is more of a growing trend and this figure is only set to rise even higher.

Braking the figures down a little, as expected iOS makes up the vast majority of mobile traffic, with a whopping 60% share in all mobile traffic seen last month. The next large share of mobile traffic was seen by Andriod users, making up just over 27% of the traffic seen.

Source: Tweaktown

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