Smuggler Caught in China With 256 CPUs Strapped to His Body!

In their continuing fight against illegal Cryptocurrency operations, it’s not exactly a secret that China has been hugely cracking down on not only mining operations looking to set themselves up in the country but also those who have been attempting to smuggle PC hardware into the country. While, to date, this has mostly centred around people attempting to get graphics cards from Hong Kong into the mainland, following a report via Videocardz, one such smuggler has been caught attempting to sneak in around 300 Intel processors. However, it gets even more bizarre as it was discovered that the smuggler in question had around 250 of them physically strapped to his body!

Smuggler Caught With 256 Intel CPUs Strapped to His Body!

Following a customs check at the Hong Kong-Macao border, Chinese customs officials noted that the driver of a vehicle was acting more than a little suspiciously. Given that an incident had occurred just two weeks prior with another person attempting to smuggle processors into the Chinese mainland, the officers investigated the man further and found that, aside from around 50 Intel i7-10700/i9-10900K processors located in his car, he had an additional 256 physically strapped to his chest and calves.

As noted above, China is currently acting very vigilantly to stop any unauthorized PC hardware technology from entering the country. Based on the number of processors here, it seems almost certain that these were destined for some sort of mining operation. While these CPUs will now undoubtedly go towards making benefit of the nation, it does clearly raise the question as to if they’ve managed to stop around 350 processors being smuggled into China within just the last two weeks, how many of them have made it across undetected?…

The Battle Continues…

With this latest smuggling attempt successfully squashed, and the man in question already likely off to his new home either in prison or a reeducation centre, this does again clearly highlight that China is exceptionally keen to curtail the massive boom of illegal cryptocurrency mining operations attempting to exploit their, overall, exceptionally low cost of energy. – If you are, however, on your way to China, perhaps on holiday, and a man at the airport politely enquires whether you’d be willing to take a small package to his friend, you should perhaps consider that rather than being a drug mule, you might unwittingly be volunteering to make yourself a processor pony.

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Mike Sanders

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