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SNK’s Samurai Showdown Confirmed for Q2 2019 PC Release

Arcade Classic Re-imagined Heading to PC

SNK teased an upcoming Unreal Engine-based Samurai Showdown (aka Samurai Spirits) game three months ago. Back then only a PlayStation 4 release was confirmed. However, SNK has confirmed its arrival to PC and other consoles in a press conference in Korea. In addition the the Sony Playstation 4 and PC (via Steam), Samurai Spirits is also getting an Xbox One and Nintendo Switch launch at the same time.

From the teaser trailer and screenshots available, we know that at least five of the original characters are coming back. Poster boy Haohmaru is there, and so is the American ninja Galford with his pet husky Poppy. Tiny young Ainu priestess Nokururu returns, as well as the massive Texan Earthquake. Lastly, double-blade wielding Jubei is also coming back.

What Other Games is SNK Releasing for PC

Other than Samurai Spirits, SNK is also preparing the next installment for their King of Fighters franchise. This is going to be KoF XV and will launch sometime in 2020. This obviously follows King of Fighters XIV which launched in 2016.

The rest of their releases are going to be for mobile including partnerships with China’s Tencent using their established IPs. Thankfully they have no plans to leave PC and consoles entirely. In fact they have sold over 500,000 units of their Neo-Geo mini console in Japan since launch. So they seem to be doing well for an arcade company with its heyday being almost three decades ago now.

Ron Perillo

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