Snowden Was Able To Bypass NSA’s Electronic Logs

/ 5 years ago


It has already been relatively well documented that the NSA’s internal audit has revealed very little so far about what Snowden actually took; they know he took a lot of intelligence but they aren’t sure of any of the specifics. The NSA knows he took enough for them to be worried.

Apparently their quest to find out exactly what he took is reaping little in the way of results because Edward Snowden used sophisticated methods to cover his own tracks.AP News Wire reports that Edward Snowden was able to cover his tracks by deleting or bypassing the electronic logs which would have shown the NSA what information he viewed or downloaded.

The audit has failed to uncover what the NSA wants to know because Snowden was able to defeat data protection safeguards. This disclosure that the logs are able to be circumvented undermines the NSA’s public argument that the system cannot be exploited because spying systems are so aggressively monitored and audited for oversight purposes.

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  1. Guest says:

    “..which WOULD OF shown..” – This makes me sad.

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