“Social TV” revolution on the way?

/ 5 years ago

Everything these days is becoming more social, and we can’t seem to get through the average day without being connected to some form of networking service. Social integration has been brought to almost every device we use –  our phones, laptops, computers, tablets, but is still yet to reach our TVs.

The “Social” revolution for TVs is likely to come soon as we can already see the beginnings of it in a project by the company Visopix. Looking to ride the “Kickstarter” route to funding, Visopix aim to create an Android based TV “box” that will support all your TV needs as well as bring apps for online services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and LoveFILM. Along with the Ouya console – which aims to liberate gaming development, Visopix aim to liberate the TV market from the shackles of the dominant TV corporations.

What is it that Visopix are actually offering? Well currently the proposal is a “mini PC” under $100 which functions as the “TV Box” and a remote which allows you to use and interact with your TV (it functions as a phone, keyboard and mouse according to Visopix). If our assumptions and calculations are correct, then it under $100 to acquire the TV Box with the remote and join the “Social TV” revolution.

The Visopix TV Box is unique in that in boasts full HD playback (1080p not 720P or 1080i) and is powered by the AllWinner A10 single core 1.5GHz ARM processor – giving it enough power to multi-task with many apps and services.

Although this idea and device is still in the very early stages, we still wanted to bring it to you. Watch this space as “Social TV” could be the start of a revolution, and if all goes well we might be able to review one of these for you too sometime in the near future.



3 Responses to ““Social TV” revolution on the way?”
  1. Raviv levi says:

    its not dual core.
    single core 1GHz + 512MHz GPU.

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