Someone Actually Found A Good Use For “Yo” App

/ 4 years ago

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For an app that was created as a joke, even going as far as to be launched on the 1st of April, “Yo” has proven to be quite the sensation, albeit a rather random one. The app allows you to say just one word to your friends, “yo”, to which they can only reply the same. It’s a simple way of just grabbing someone’s attention, but a pretty shallow one too as there isn’t much else to it than that.

What is really special is how people are using this simple app to do some good in this world. Developers in the Middle East are now using the app to warn others about possible attacks from rocket fire.

By following “RedAlertIsrael”, locals will get a “Yo” at the same time the country’s sirens go off, hopefully giving people a heads up that an attack could be on the way and allowing them to get to safety much sooner, potentially saving lives and in fact, it may have saved a few already.

What started out as a joke has quickly become a vital component of peoples life in the Middle East and who knows what other uses people have found for this simple, one word application.

Thank you Time for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Time.

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