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Someone Installed & Played Crysis 3 on the Nvidia 3090 VRAM

So, I daresay that if you’re reading this then the title has managed to intrigue you a little and, might I say, rightly so! Even I myself did a little bit of a double-take when I heard about this, but following a Twitter post by user ‘Strife, la fillette révolutionnaire‘ they have listed various images online apparently confirming that they have both successfully installed and played Crysis 3 using nothing more than the huge amount of VRAM available on their Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card!

Crysis 3 on the Nvidia 3090’s… VRAM

Just to make this 100% clear, what they have done is install the game on the graphics cards memory rather than on a traditional hard drive. Utilizing a GPU Ram Drive and VRAMdrive software, they successfully created a 15GB partition on the Nvidia 3090 graphics card (which has 24GB of VRAM) to which they were able to successfully install Crysis 3.

Following that, presumably using the remaining 9GB of VRAM in it’s more ‘traditional’ sense (albeit, I’m sure it’s more complicated than that), they were still able to effectively max out the game in 4K and on it’s highest graphical settings!

How Well Did It Run?

The user has claimed that the game ran at an average of around 75 FPS, but in terms of actual load times and speed, it wasn’t any notably faster or slower than simply installing the game on an NVMe drive. In other words, while certainly more than a little bogglingly impressive, and certainly a novel utilization of the graphics cards 24GB of VRAM, there’s no particular advantages offered by this. It’s simply a case of ‘I did it because I could’.

So, if asked if an Nvidia 3090 can run Crysis 3, the answer is a definite yes, and with this application, that clearly doesn’t have to be a mundane answer either!

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Mike Sanders

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