Someone Is Trying to Raise $22,000 to Create Stupid Looking iPhone Handle

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Apparently there is a need for a device that allows you to hold your phone. Personally I’ve always found that wrapping my fingers around the device, gripping it and holding it to my fact while making a call is perfectly sensible and it’s worked for many years. Of course some people see a gap in the market that doesn’t exist and that’s why Yonatan Assouline has created the “fonhandle”.


The Fonhandle is literally a handle for your phone, not only does it provide some erm, extra functionality to how you hold your phone, but it also makes it look like a spatula… which may or may not be one of the Fonhandles features.

You can use it to hold your phone, that’s an obvious one, although it will make you look stupid.

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You can use it to take selfies, again you may look a little silly.

original (1)

You can use it on the beach as a stand by jamming the handle into the sand.

original (2)

That’s about it really, it doesn’t do much else. If you want this to be a think, then head over to Kickstarter and join the several other people who have currently raised $2,000 or the $22,000 goal. I might not see the potential here, but if someone can raise $50,000 for some potato salad, then I clearly know nothing about the potential for a Kickstarter campaign.

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One Response to “Someone Is Trying to Raise $22,000 to Create Stupid Looking iPhone Handle”
  1. Wayne says:

    As long as it’s for an iPhone only then they shouldn’t have a problem raising the money because people who are silly enough to buy iPhones would also be silly enough to think this is great.

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