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Somone Dressed Up as a TV is Randomly Delivering TVs

Before we begin, I have to point one that since joining eTeknix I have on more than a few occasions written strange headlines. In fact, there’s something of an expression in the office that ‘if it’s weird, give it to Mike’. Want some proof? Well, a more recent one that comes to mind is how CD Projekt Red is known in China as a “Dumb Polish Donkey“. This one, however, is certainly up there with the best!

In a report via CNN, an individual (or possibly a group of people) in a small American town has been visited homes at night dressed-up with a TV on their head. It does, however, get a little stranger than that. What are they doing? Well, put simply, dropping off TVs on peoples doorsteps.

Did Somebody Order a TV?

Residents of Glen Allen in Henrico County (Virginia) reported waking up to find an old-style TV left on their doorstep. While some questioned whether this was a delivery gone wrong, it quickly emerged that this wasn’t an isolated incident. Over 60 homes reported finding one left on their doorstep.

A quick check of doorstep camera footage revealed that whoever was doing this was disguising themselves by wearing a TV on their head. Well, it’s at least appropriate if nothing else!

Well… You Don’t See That Everyday!

Now, as you might expect, this is believed to have been a prank and it isn’t, incidentally, the first time it has happened in the neighbourhood. Police have, however, collected all the items and have confirmed that they will be dumped. Forgive me for being a little disappointed that seemingly no one wanted a fat 19″ TV from the 1990s.

Hopefully, something will land on YouTube in the next few days confirming the details of this prank. I must admit, however, that I do find this all more than a little amusing!

What do you think? Would you have liked one of these free TVs? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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