Sony Allegedly Working On 54MP Full Frame Sensor

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Most times, megapixels do not count in terms of picture quality, but there are cases when you want to print large-scale photos without losing quality. It seems that the guys at Sony are taking this into consideration and are working on a 54MP full frame sensor that will be released in 2014.

Take note though that devices carrying the sensors will not be available until 2015 or 2016 due to production costs being very expensive, so it might take a while before Sony figures out a way to lower costs to produce it more efficiently. According to the rumor, the sensor will feature 2,460 focusing points, with the focusing area covering about 78% of the entire sensor itself.

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Given the current information, we have to assume that this sensor will probably be targeted towards the professional photographer and we’ll be able to see these sensors on high-end digital cameras that will appear in two years time, or even less if Sony figures out a way to mass produce the sensors at a reasonable price in the meantime.

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