Sony announce up to 1.6 Million Bravia TVs could start smoking

/ 6 years ago

Sony, once a great company, seems to keep encountering problems, not long ago with another attack to their PlayStation Network, and more recently the announcement of up to 1.6 million of TVs from their Bravia range that could start smoking due to faulty parts.

Reports coming from Reuters said that several of Sony’s Bravia series LCD manufactured in 2007 and 2008 have been subjected to faulty parts causing the TV to overheat and emit smoke, to the point of melting certain components inside.

So far only 11 incidents like this have been reported only in Japan but TVs affected could be anywhere around the world although according to Sony, most of the faulty products were sold in Europe and in the US.

Sony said they planned on alerting their costumers though websites, emails and newspaper where possible and will also offer free inspection and repairs for only the 1.6 million affected.

It doesn’t seem to be going very well for Sony.


  • Dav532000

    Well I have got a Sony Brava got it round 2007/2008 seems fine been a great Tv.

    • Keep in mind that not all are affected, you may be one of the lucky ones out of 1.6 millions lol

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