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Sony is Doubling PS5 Orders to Meet the Expected Demand

As part of a lot of the news surrounding the upcoming release of the PS5, it was revealed that Sony only initially planned to manufacturer around 5 million units for its (circa) November launch up to March 2021. Largely due to the relatively razer-thin profit margins they would expect to see on each system sold. With only 5 million units available (worldwide) for that period, however, getting hold of one would certainly appear to suggest that it might have been more than a little tricky.

Following a report via TechPowerUp, however, Sony has reportedly significantly ramped up production to attempt to have 10 million units ready.

Sony PS5

It has long been suggested that the cost to Sony to create a single PS5 console would (or will) run at around $450. With the system expected to retail for around $499, the main theory was that Sony would initially only start with a relatively moderate number of the systems to ensure that, as time progressed (and components prices dropped), profits margins could start to expand a little.

With this news, however, while getting a PS5 may still prove to be a difficult prospect, with twice as many set to be made available, for us consumers this is certainly good news!

What Do We Think?

Part of me wonders whether Sony has only decided to do this based on the increasing interest seen in the Microsoft Xbox Series X. I have to admit, while I have always owned PlayStation consoles, I like what I hear from Microsoft (surrounding their next-gen releases) a lot more than what I’m hearing from Sony. As such, this move may be an attempt to ensure that, comparatively speaking, people don’t pick Xbox’s simply on the basis that they can’t get a PS5.

On the plus side, however, for those of you ardently in the PS5 camp, with the increased number set to become available, I’m sure you shouldn’t have too much difficulty (all going well – and presuming this is correct) getting your hands on one!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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