Sony Drops Steve Jobs Movie, Universal “Interested”

/ 3 years ago


In the never ending story of the pre-production of a big budget movie based on Walter Issacson’s Steve Jobs biography, a new twist was just announced, as Sony Pictures decided to pull the plug on funding the movie.

The film, written by Alan Sorkin, the same writer behind The Social Network, and to be directed by Danny Boyle of Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire, has experienced a whole manner of delays and setbacks over the years since it was first announced.

We heard rumour after rumour supposedly revealing which actor would play the starring role, with names including Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale (who was confirmed until recently) and finally Michael Fassbender. Alan Sorkin even participated in an interview a few weeks ago, practically announcing the film to the public.

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Well now everything has fallen apart as Sony decided it no longer wanted to fund the movie’s production. It’s been suggested that clashes with Michael Fassbender’s schedule could have been the reason, as Sony wanted the film to begin production at around the same time he was committed to X-Men: Apocalypse.

Deadline now reports that Universal Studios has shown interest in taking up the movie, meaning this twist could just be a small snag in the process of making this film a reality.

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One Response to “Sony Drops Steve Jobs Movie, Universal “Interested””
  1. Wayne says:

    They’ve tried signing all the big name stars except Chick Norris and Arnie and I don’t think they would be interested either. They may as well release it as a B rate movie.

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