Sony Confirm New Press Conference At Gamescom 2013

/ 4 years ago

PS4-contentsWhile we’ve seen plenty of the PlayStation 4 at E3 and other major gaming events, we can’t help but get excited at what else Sony could have to offer and they’ve promised more surprises at this year Gamescom, which eTeknix are going to have the pleasure of attending to get a first hand look at the next-gen console.

Sony will be at Gamescom 2013 in force, hosting yet another conference on Tuesday prior to the show (August 20th) at the Saatenaus am Rheinpark in Cologne.

The conference starts off at 7pm local time (6pm here in the UK) and doors open at 6pm local time so if you’re at the event and able to make it, you know where to be and when to get there and if you’re a PlayStation fan, you won’t want to miss it.

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While many people will be wanting more details on the PlayStation 4 it’s already clear that Sony have been very open about hardware and I bet they still won’t reveal their release date, not yet, that will be a last-minute thing for both Microsoft and Sony as they don’t want the other getting their hardware out first, obviously. One thing we do know however is that Sony have often used Gamescom for announcing price cuts and we could see some new deals on the PS3 and Vita to warm us up for the next few months.

Now all we need is for Microsoft to show their hand as rumour says that they will be holding a conference of their own at this years Gamescom.

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