Sony Hack Highlights Cyber Security Concerns

/ 3 years ago


The devastating hack on Sony Pictures has meant at least one good thing – greater awareness of cyber security. A number of businesses, governments and indeed individuals have started to wonder whether they’re susceptible to hacking.

The press has been calling the Sony hack “the biggest cyber attack in history”, but a number of experts have pointed our how it probably isn’t. For years (sometimes secretly and sometimes publicly) government contracted defence companies like Lockheed have been pelted with a number of attacks from the Chinese. In one instance the hackers took top secret plans for a US fighter plane with which the Chinese developed their latest fighter – a complete rip off of the US plans.

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So what is signifiant about this hack? Because it involved mass culture – movies and more specifically Seth Rogan. The hacks leaked private details about famous celebrities – things that grab people’s attention. The highly public nature of this breach means that quite possibly for the first time, people have seen the potential of hacking to cause absolute destruction.

The public has become more interested in securing their devices while businesses and government officials are more motivated to protect our infrastructure. That can only be a good thing.

Source: Financial Post

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