Sony Makes First Detailed Comments on Hack

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Sony Pictures has finally commented on that massive hack, offering further details about the situation.

CEO Michael Lynton sent a memo to all Sony Pictures employees apologising for the hack and reassuring them about the company’s security measures. In the memo, he included a note from Kevin Mandia, the founder of Mandiant, the security company which has been drafted in by the company to investigate the attack.

As you can see in the full memo bellow, Mandia says that hack was “unprecedented in nature” and “undetectable by industry standard antivirus software”.

Over the last week, some of you have asked about the strength of our information security systems and how this attack could have happened. There is much we cannot say about our security protocols for obvious reasons, but we wanted to share with you a note we received today from Kevin Mandia, the founder of the expert cybersecurity firm that is investigating the cyber-attack on us. The investigation is ongoing, but Mr. Mandia’s note is helpful in understanding the nature of what we are dealing with. Full text below.

We also want to thank you once again for your resilience and resourcefulness in carrying out our critical day-to-day activities under incredibly stressful circumstances. As a result of your efforts, we have made great progress moving our business forward, and we will continue to do so.

— — —

Dear Michael,

As our team continues to aid Sony Pictures’ response to the recent cyber-attack against your employees and operations, I wanted to take a moment to provide you with some initial thoughts on the situation.

This attack is unprecedented in nature. The malware was undetectable by industry standard antivirus software and was damaging and unique enough to cause the FBI to release a flash alert to warn other organizations of this critical threat.

In fact, the scope of this attack differs from any we have responded to in the past, as its purpose was to both destroy property and release confidential information to the public. The bottom line is that this was an unparalleled and well planned crime, carried out by an organized group, for which neither SPE nor other companies could have been fully prepared.

We are aggressively responding to this incident and we will continue to coordinate closely with your staff as new facts emerge from our investigation.


Kevin Mandia

Source: Re/code Via: Gizmodo

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2 Responses to “Sony Makes First Detailed Comments on Hack”
  1. Mycelus says:

    So basically, they told us nothing.

  2. So glad they ‘shared’ that with us. On a serious note though, who actually feels safe having Sony in possession of all your personal details?

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