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Sony Optimistic that COVID-19 Will Not Affect PS5 Launch

It’s pretty clear that the COVID-19 outbreak has (and continues to have) a significant impact on technology companies worldwide. As such, it has led to a lot of speculation that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X could potentially be delayed into 2021 to ensure that the supply levels were ‘good’ on launch day.

Well, following a highly detailed statement from Sony surrounding COVID-19, their message is simple. The company remains on track for a 2020 release with no major issues presenting themselves… yet.

Sony Issues Details COVID-19 Report

In the report (which you can read in full here) Sony has claimed that while COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty for many businesses, so far they remain largely unaffected. As such, they still believe that the PS5 should be ready for launch in late 2020 with no notable supply issues.

Are they being overly optimistic though? Well, based on events specifically in China, perhaps not.

Production is Back on Track

Following the primary outbreak in China, Sony did close four of its factories in the country for a 2-4 weeks period. With a notable relaxation of rules, however, all of these plants are now back in near full production. As such, at least in theory, whatever disruption there was for Sony was probably, at that stage, rather minor.

It doesn’t, however, potentially rule out any problems with their third party manufacturers. Specifically, those that provide the ‘non-Sony’ components for the console. So, while we’ll generally take this as positive news, don’t expect this to be certain!

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Mike Sanders

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