Sony Pictures Hack: North Korea Could Be Responsible

/ 3 years ago

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Sony Pictures, who were subject of a massive hack to their computer systems recently, is investigating the possibility that the hack was by North Korea.

Sources close to the company told Re/code:

“Sony and outside security consultants are actively exploring the theory that the hack may have been carried out by third parties operating out of China on North Korea’s behalf”.

You might be wondering why North Korea would want to attack Sony Pictures in this way. Well you may remember the country’s threat of a “resolute and merciless response” if the movie featuring Seth Rogen, ‘The Interview’, which features an assassination attempt upon the North Korean leader, is released to the public. Sony plans to release the movie in the US on Christmas Day.

It seem like a pretty credible cause – ‘Guardians of Peace’, as the hackers call themselves, seems like it could have easily come out of a North Korean propaganda video.

Remember that time North Korea “landed a man on the sun“?

Source: Re/code

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