Sony Is Pleased with Bloodborne’s Sales Figures

/ 2 years ago


Bloodborne turned out to be a great success for both From Software and Sony Entertainment. They say that PS4 sales figures went through the roof, despite the title’s new IP. If you played the title, then you might not be surprised that a lot of people enjoyed it as you did.

Sony’s UK director, Fergak Gara, said that they had plans to surpass the Soul series in terms of sales, which they did, and they even did more than that. It looks like their expectations have been met and even their ambitions proved to be ‘conservative’. The figures show Bloodborne sold more than 1 million copies since it was launched, but recent unconfirmed figures show that we are talking about even more copies than that.

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However, the title’s success was achieved by having it released in a relatively quiet timeframe in terms of game releases and providing a sizeable demand for users looking for something new to try out.

Once players had a taste for it, word got out and it finally became as big as it is today. But what are your thoughts about it? Do you like Bloodborne? Are you waiting for a sequel or something similar? Let us now!

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