Sony Posts Profit After Selling 6.4 Million PS4s in Third-Quarter of 2014

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Sony has posted its accounts from the third fiscal quarter of 2014 (1st September to 31st December) and, surprisingly to many, the company made a significant profit, boosted by strong sales of its PlayStation 4 console. The only business area in the red was Sony Pictures, understandable after the hack and The Interview fiasco.

During the recorded financial period, Sony sold 6.4 million PS4 consoles, 1.1 million PS3 consoles, and 1.4 million Vitas. Software sales peaked at 147 billion yen, while network sales earned the company 100 billion yen.

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In its projections, Sony has set itself the target of earning between 1,400 and 1,600 billion yen by the fiscal year 2017, with an operating income margin of 3% to 5%.

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