Sony PS3 Master Key leaked

/ 7 years ago

After nearly 5 years with the reputation for being the most “un-crackable” console, the PS3 has finally had it’s doors blown off.

You may remember earlier in 2010 a company released an exploit that ran through USB, and allowed the user to run unsigned [Read: Pirated] software from the HDD or a memory stick.Sony was quick to patch this, along with the removal of the OtherOS feature.

Well, it appears this has rather infuriated the people trying to crack the PS3, the result of which was released on Wednesday: the PS3 Masker Key.

What does this mean?

To explain this, I need to explain how Sony currently does updates:

  1. Sony engineers design the update
  2. The update is encrypted using the master key
  3. The update is distributed
  4. The update is used by the PS3, after checking that the encryption matches with it’s own Shared Key, to prevent modified software (or Custom FirmWare)
  5. The update commences.

Essentially, the key can be used to make any software or firmware spear to the PS3 as Sony kosher, allowing pretty much free reign of the PS3’s components, not locked-down like OtherOS linux was on the system. This effectively allows anyone with the key to run any software they like, as long as the correct drivers are present. Now to find out how Sony will go about patching it.
This could become extremely interesting very quickly, after all, look what happened to the PSP, or the DS, or the Wii.

Watch this space…

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