Sony PSP2 may include 3G and OLED screen

/ 7 years ago

Well rumour has it that Sony’s new PSP2 (PlayStation Portable 2) could only be days away from an unveiling in Tokyo. Possibly even more exciting though are two new features believed to be included in the new model.

Firstly, the PSP2 is said to include an OLED (Organic Light-Emmitting Diode) touch screen. This could theoretically see improvements in viewing angle, power efficiency and response time when compared with the old PSP.

Also included will be 3G data support, although it’s unclear whether this option will only be available to Japanese users in conjunction with NTT DoCoMo; this functionality will enable the download of content and video as well as 3G multiplayer.

It should be noted however that the 3G functionality only extends as far as data therefore users will not be able to make calls. It is also uncertain how a billing system might work and what the data rates might be.

Finally, it has also been suggested that Sony might produce a Wi-Fi only PSP2. Although this could be a necessary alternative if they were to release a 3G model with an associated mobile contract for data, it seems questionable that Sony would go to the trouble of creating two different units.

However things may turn out, rest assured we will keep you posted as we find out more.

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