Sony Recalling VAIO Flip Laptops: Immediate Fire and Burn Hazard

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Sony has issued a product recall of thousands of VAIO “Fit 11a/ Flip” notebooks sold in the USA between February and April of this year. The issues with the product’s bearing the model number SVF11N13CXS are that the batteries used are dangerous. The Panasonic manufactured lithium-ion batteries can overheat and cause fire or burn hazards to users. As of making the announcement no injuries have been reported from the four incidents which have occurred. All four incidents occurred in Asia and overheating baterries led to “units smoking, catching fire and melting”.  Owners of SVF11N13CXS model number VAIO flip notebooks are advised to immediately stop using their devices, check ifn they need to be returned and then contact sony for a repair or full refund.

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More details are provided by Sony on their esupport website here.

Images courtesy of Sony

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