Sony Removes Street Dates For All PS4 Launch Titles

/ 4 years ago


PlayStation 4 peripherals have already been flying off the selves with many people having already been and bought their DualShock4 controllers in advance. Now it looks like you can pick up your games, third party peripherals and more before launch of the console.

While this may sound stupid, it gives some people the chance to grab their games from places they didn’t pre-order their console and to have them ready for when their console arrives in the post. It also means that release day can focus on the launch of the just hardware and that is something that will no doubt please retailers.

Early bird Christmas shoppers will no doubt be taking full advantage of this release date lift and with the console just over two weeks away in the US and four weeks in Europe we are in line for one seriously crazy month in terms of gaming releases, plus we best not forget the Xbox One lanuch is only weeks away also!

Personally I think I would go nuts having hold of a stack of next-gen games that I can’t play yet.

Thank you igamersponsibly for providing us with this information.

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