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Sony Says Every Available PS5 Has Been Sold!

With the recent release of the Sony PS5, unless you were one of the lucky few who managed to get hold of a system in the early rush, with Christmas looming ever closer, it seems to be getting more and more of a reality that owning one might have to wait now until some point next year. A factor seemingly confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan as, in a report via TechSpot, he has said that, in terms of retail stock, the PS5 is ‘absolutely’ sold out!

PS5 is Sold Out!

Being interviewed prior to the systems release in Russia, Jim Ryan has said that in regards to the PS5: “Everything is sold. Absolutely everything is sold.” – Now, in fairness, this is specifically referring to the stock Sony has available and allocated to retailers. Put simply though, if you were hoping that a fresh supply of hidden or stashed PS5’s might’ve given you a glimmer of hope of being able to play the Demon Souls remake this Christmas, unless you’re willing to pay the ridiculous prices touted by online scalpers, it seems almost certain that you’re going to be more stuffed than the turkey!

Wait… If You Can

In regards to the PS5, it’s hard to deny that through an underestimation of demand, the COVID-19 situation, or scalpers decimating the market (and probably a combination of the three), current supply levels are woefully short and that looks almost certain to continue until early-mid 2021.

When this has happened in the past, however, particularly in the run-up to Christmas, it can sometimes lead consumers into putting the ‘blinkers’ on to obtain the hottest product at (practically) any price offered! – So, with that in mind, all we can suggest is that if you can wait, do it! It’s probably ultimately going to be in your best interest because unless you’re willing to pay hugely inflated prices (and we’re just going to play the Grinch and say it), getting a PS5 for Christmas 2020 looks practically impossible!

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Mike Sanders

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