Sony Sells 4.2 Million PS4’s

/ 4 years ago


Big News came out of Sony’s press conference at CES 2014, with the announcement of their push into cloud computing, Sony also claims that they have “sold through” over 4.2 million units at the time of December 28th, 2013. The term “sold through” is the big deal here, meaning that Sony has had 4.2 million customers purchase PS4’s, not just how many Sony has shipped to distributors. This puts Sony ahead of their main rival the Xbox One, which Microsoft announced as selling 3 million units world-wide.

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With Sony also extending their range of services with the Playstation Now and the announcement of a new media service that will stream live TV, DVR and Video on Demand, we can expect the number of PS4’s sold to rise as these new services become available. Will you be picking up a PS4 or do you all ready have one? I myself will be looking into getting one after the announcements made at CES 2014.

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