Sony Taking Advantage Of Cloud Based Storage/Streaming

/ 4 years ago

gaikai-ps4-2014-topSony looks set to take advantage of cloud based computing

Looks like Sony is continuing its push into cloud computing, by unveiling a new media service at CES 2014. Sony claims that its new media service will encompass live TV Content, DVR and video on demand services. Sony made the announcement during their CES 2014 press conference, where spokesman Andrew House revealed that the service will offer every type of content imaginable, from traditional live TV to in demand services that millions are all ready using on the Playstation consoles.

Another new service that sony will be offering is its Playstation Now, which gives users the ability to play popular hits and classic games from PS3 on your PS4. Eventually this will expand to streaming of games on the PS3 and PS Vita as well. Similar to Steam’s cloud based service, with Playstation Now you will be able to play your save file at a friend house, different location and different system seeing as all saved files are stored in cloud based storage.

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Also in big news for Sony is that eventually you will be able to stream games to new Sony Bravia TV’s and some time in the future Sony plans to expand this to other internet connected devices. Looks like the future is bright for Sony at the moment, after a successful press conference at CES 2014 Sony seems to be looking to the future and that seems to be Cloud based services. What are your thoughts, excited about Sony’s announcement?

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