Sony to discontinue handheld tape recorders in 2013

/ 5 years ago

Sony officially calls it quits on the tape recorder as the final shipments for the company’s cassette recorders are sent off. The models that were shipped are the TCM-400, TCM 410 and TCM-450. Although rewindable media has been pretty much gone ever since Sony discontinued the Walkman series a long time ago, Sony would still continue to sell boomboxes with a CD/Tape deck combo. The official month to discontinue these recorders is January 2013.

It’s a step that one will wonder why Sony kept it alive for so long, at a time when digital recorders and the possibility of recording via phones rule the Earth. Still, it’s a good collectors item should anyone choose to buy one and keep it as a sign of old and forgotten tech.

Source: akihabaranews

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