Sony To Hold PlayStation Event On May 7th In Brazil

/ 5 years ago


Microsoft are set to unveil details of their Next-Gen Xbox next month, with their own special event that will take place on the 21st of May. As many of you will already know, Sony has already held their first “teaser” event for the PlayStation 4 where they demonstrate their vision and dreams for the future of the PlayStation brand and their own next-gen hardware, but there were obviously a few glaring omissions from the show, the hardware, the price and the release date and while some consumers were annoyed not to get these details, Sony knew exactly what they were doing and chose not to play all their cards at once.

Now it seems that prior to the Microsoft event we could be treated to a 2nd Sony event, also just weeks before E3 2013! The event is said to take place on May 7th and invitations have been sent to press and media that they should be in São Paulo, Brazil on May 7th at 17:30 where Sony will once again be speaking “about the future of PlayStation in Brazil.”

The rumour mill can grind on this one all day long but could Microsoft be shown up once again by Sony, who seem to have a much better crafted battleplan for this generations console release than we could have ever expected? Could we see the hardware at this new show, the release date or even the price? It’s very likely and since Sony have stated they plan to launch this year, they have to give consumers a date to save up for.

Microsoft just got worried.


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