Sony Tries to Stop Email Leaks with DMCA Claims

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There are always some people that become citizen journalists when the mainstream media fails to pick up on something or cover it as deeply as they would like, and the musician Val Broeksmit is one of them. Not satisfied with the media coverage, he started to tweet (@BikiniRobotArmy) small excerpts from the hacked Sony emails that he felt overlooked or uncovered.

In return, Sony issued legal threats to him and twitter on the 22nd December, but without any effect and the tweets remained online. Two days later Sony then instead claimed copyright infringement on the 20 tweets and tried to get them removed that way. A week later only two of the 20 tweets had been removed and Twitter doesn’t seem to budge further.

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Twitter in itself has been a key player before when it came to freedom of speech and citizen journalists, and thankfully it looks like it takes a bit more than a takedown notice from Sony UK to have them act in blind and in haste. And honestly, given twitters character limitation, the published information is severely limited.

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