Sony Turn Down EA Subscription Plan

/ 3 years ago


Xbox One games look set to have the option of a Netflix style subscription from EA, paying $5 per month to gain access to a small set of EA titles such as Battlefield and Fifa. However, while Microsoft welcomed the idea, Sony have turfed EA out on their butts, saying that they don’t think it represents good value for their customers, burn!

“Asking our fans to pay an additional $5 a month for this EA-specific program represents good value to the PlayStation gamer.”

It is strange that Sony would take this stance, especially given that the subscription is completely option, although it is likely that there was an underlying business deal that involved either Sony or EA giving on or the other cash and assets to secure a deal and that terms could not be met by either party.

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Personally I don’t like EA’s idea, it’s too limited in choice to be anything like a Netflix for games, much like the way Origin is too restricted to even compete with services like Steam.

This could be a worrying trend for publishers, but for now it looks like Sony are trying to put and end to it before it gets out of hand. Although come to think of it, Sony aren’t exactly winning praise for their game streaming prices.

Thank you Forbes for providing us with this information.

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