Sony unveils new, slimmer PlayStation 3 – we meet again, PS3

/ 5 years ago

Sony has announced yet another redesigned PlayStation 3 console, this time offering bigger hard drives, as well as a flash-based model for the UK and Australia. The new PS3 is 25% smaller than the previous design, and 50% smaller than the original PlayStation 3.

The new model keeps its curvy looks, but replaces the slot-loading drive with a sliding disc cover. Internals are mostly the same, where we’ll find the same processor and GPU setup, but storage options are now opened up a little. There will be a 500GB model which will replace the current 320GB model, and then a 250GB model who will replace the 160GB model.

Where things get a little bit more interesting, is that Sony are offering up a 12GB flash-based model for the UK and AU markets. The flash-based PS3 is targeted toward families who don’t need the copious amounts of storage space for games, movies, DLC, and more. These users would use the PS3 more as a casual gaming device, media centre, Blu-ray playback and streaming content from BBC’s iPlayer app, for example.

A HDD can be added to this model at a later time if the user wishes to do so, so you’re not left completely in the dark. The new and improved PlayStation 3 consoles will reach the UK on September 28, with the 12GB flash-based model arriving two weeks later on October 12. No current price for the UK has been set, but the price should hopefully be around the same range as the current PS3s.


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