Sony Will Not Ban Users Who Use Their PS4 Before Release Day

/ 4 years ago


Just this morning we got news that a user had gotten an early Xbox One retail unit ahead of release day, then just a few hours ago we found out that Microsoft had banned the user and his console for using it before the official release date.

It seems that Sony have an incredible ability to play off every bit of negative PR Microsoft get and Shuhei Yoshida confirmed on twitter today that you will not get banned for using your PlayStation 4 before official release date, even if you connect to the internet with it.

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This is of course great news and should your order get dispatched a day or two early, you can get right to the action without fear of a ban. However keep in mind that connecting the Xbox One to the internet, or perhaps using it at all pre-release, could land you in trouble and even get your hardware banned from Xbox Live.

Thank you Shuhei Yoshida for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Shuhei Yoshida.

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  • Cyborgmatt is IceFrog aka Gabe

    Bad PR as always for Micro$oft. Too bad Bill Gates, too bad.

    • Bill Gates isn’t really part of the Xbox division, nor is he really the boss of Microsoft for quite a while either…

      • Cyborgmatt is IceFrog aka Gabe

        You must’ve misunderstood, All I wanna say is that too bad that “his” company has gone bit to the negative side.

        • That makes more sense, yes. But hey, every company has their mistakes, even Sony.

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