Sony’s Phone-less SmartWatch 3 is on Sale Now

/ 3 years ago

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Sony’s third attempt at the ever expanding business of smart watches, the Sony SmartWatch 3, has gone on sale in the United States for $250.

The most interesting feature about this Android Wear watch is that it does not require a smartphone, and so it may well appeal to those interested in using a smart watch for fitness tracking. The watch has some pretty impressive specs – 1.2GHz quad-core ARM A7 processor and 512MB of RAM as well as IP68 waterproofing and built-in GPS.

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Like Apple’s yet to be released watch, the SmartWatch 3 can be used with a variety of separate straps with designs intended to appeal to different people’s tastes. This concept seems to be an emerging trend with smart watches, as companies are realising they are also a fashion accessory as well as a piece of technology.

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  • Wayne

    From what I can tell from the pics they’ve got the thickness just about right but they’re not exactly my taste.