Sony’s 55 And 65-inch 4K TVs Available April 21st For $4,999/$6,999

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At CES 2013 Sony were among a handful of manufacturers showing off their 4K TVs and three months on we are finally going to be seeing some retail availability for these absolute monsters. The new 4K Bravia series of LED TVs come in a 55 inch option (XBR-55X900A) and a 65 inch option (XBR-65X900A). They certainly do not come at a low price tag though, with the 55 inch model costing $4,999 and the 65 inch model costing $6,999. Although that said these 4K TVs are certainly a lot cheaper than many expected, journalists and retailers were comfortably citing expected prices of $10K, $15K and $20K+ for these screens at the time of CES – in fact Sony’s current 4K TV (XBR-84X900) costs $25,000. Sony has stated that it expects these to become available from April the 21st.

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These new 4K LED TVs from Sony feature passive 3D, edge-lit displays and built in Wi-Fi connectivity. The company even stated that they wanted to hit a more accessible price range, and they have certainly done that even if it is still expensive in absolute terms, in relative terms it is cheap. Sony is expected to release a 4K media player alongside these screens sometime soon, and that is expected to cost around the $699 mark. This media player will deliver on-demand 4K content which requires particularly high levels of computing power to generate and transmit. The company is also offering “Mastered in 4K” copies of Sony films including Ghostbusters and Spider-Man, which are 1080p copies that have been optimized for 4K, but are not presented in the higher resolution.


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