Sony’s new patent application could block second hand games from being used

/ 5 years ago

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan filed an application on 9th December 2012 about their technology which reportedly will prevent users from purchasing and playing second copies of games on their consoles. This technology works by linking individual game discs to a user’s account without the use of an internet connection.

The patent explains that there will be a contact less tag on the disc which will be read by the console. Once the disc is used for the first time, the ID and Player ID is stored. Everytime the disc is used, it will need to match those tow IDs or else the disc will not work.

Its obvious that this will affect game rental stores significantly. There’s also an issue when your PlayStation console needs to be replaced or if you have more than one for whatever reason.

Via: IGN 


2 Responses to “Sony’s new patent application could block second hand games from being used”
  1. Good Luck says:

    Unlikely. That would be the worst move Sony could make.

  2. Wayne says:

    Tough break for the console gamers if it comes about. I wouldn’t put it past Sony to try this stunt. With Sony & certain other companies it’s all about trying to make as much money as possible without caring who’s toes they stand on. The only way to combat this is to boycott their next console if they do it. What these chumps always seem to forget is that without the consumer they don’t have a gaming business.

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