Sony’s Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra Rumoured to Have 4K display and 6GB RAM

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A rumour claims that Sony’s forthcoming tablet will boast some very impressive specs, notably an ultra HD display and a huge RAM capacity.

A post on Chinese website Padnews conjectures that the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra will feature a 4K resolution 13-inch screen, at a 16:10 resolution, 6GB RAM, double that of the current leading tablet, and a 2.86GHz Quadcomm Snapdragon processor. Speculation says the tablet will also have 64GB internal storage and a 12,100mAh battery. Padnews’ supporting evidence is an image of the tablet with the specs listed at the side.

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sony z4_tablet

We will have to wait until January 2015, the rumoured release date of the Z4, to find out whether the rumours are true.

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One Response to “Sony’s Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra Rumoured to Have 4K display and 6GB RAM”
  1. Cenarl says:

    looks like a beast, would be nice if the price stayed around 500, anything over that and I still face the decision to get a decent laptop instead. Previous Gen Ipad sales during holidays are still the sweet spot for me (300-350) and you can upgrade every year for very little if you don’t mind selling your old one. They fetch nice return value as long as you bought them on sale.

    still waiting for that magical Windows/Android dual boot device, Intel needs another gen of chips or two to really nail mobile processors I feel.

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