South Korea Planning 10Gbps Internet!

/ 3 years ago


Tired of slow internet connections? Or perhaps current ultra-fast connections in your own country just don’t seem as amazing as they used to? Move to South Korea! The country is about to blow the competition away with the promise of 10Gbps fiber internet.

To put that into perspective, you could download a 1GB file in 0.8 seconds! That’s a ful 50GB blu-ray in just 40 seconds. For those worried about streaming video in 4K, this connection would allow you to stream 4K to multiple devices and still have plenty of bandwidth to spare.

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The new connections will be 100 times faster than Korea’s current average broadband speed, which is already an impressive 100Mbps. How does your home internet connection compare?

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Image courtesy of GlobalProsperity.

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  • LJLG

    And i’m sitting here with 2mbps


  • That is so GODLY!!! awesome!

  • James Watton

    I guess I’m lucky enough that here in Ireland i’m sitting on a 200mbps connection…but 10Gbps? 0.0