Spare fan vent blocker finally being sold

/ 5 years ago

Does your case have too many fan vents? If so, you’ll find this accessory, which cropped up from deep within the bi-lanes of Tokyo’s Akihabara district handy.

The PA-044 from peripherals maker Ainex covers unused 120 mm and 140 mm fan vents firmly with standard screws. It is made of 0.8 mm-thick sheet of steel, and should block out noise from within the case, and serve as an anti-dust measure. According to the source, it should begin shipping from mid-November.

It’s likely that peripheral resellers could bring it westwards, selling it by the dozens.

Although, it is just a metal plate with 4 holes in it…

Source: Hermitage Akihabara


One Response to “Spare fan vent blocker finally being sold”
  1. carrot1401 says:

    I count 8 holes. Just sayin.

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