This Special Drone Has Mastered the Art of Self-Stabilization

/ 3 years ago

self stabilizing drone

While Amazon and presumably other companies are still working on safe and secure ways to deliver products to their customers using drones, a team of researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland has already developed an impressive technology that enables a flying drone to remain stable at all times. Stabilization is very important when it comes to delivering various objects, as natural hazards such as gusts of wind or technical malfunctions can cause conventional drones to fail and crash thus damaging the package. This particular drone self-stabilizes and is able to land safely in any situation, all thanks to a special camera that points towards the ground, and an inertial measurement unit.

The measurement unit includes a three-axis accelerometer, a distance sensor, a gyroscope and a software suite that stores and analyzes the gathered data. The drone also features a microprocessor that’s comparable power-wise to those found in regular smartphones. When it is flying in a stable position, the gadget analyzes the environment and records its most notable landmarks. During a sudden event, that data helps it recover its position and find a safe landing spot. Those responsible for the development of this equipment compared it to a tightrope walker: “When walking on a rope, a static point is fixed in the environment and its weight is moved to redress the balance.”

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