SpeedLink PARTHICA Core Gaming Keyboard Launched

/ 4 years ago


SpeedLink launched its PARTHICA Core gaming keyboard, a keyboard optimized for your responsiveness, precision and comfort, and of course gaming. The keyboard comes in three LED color variations for gamers to choose from, the “Volcano” red, the “Midnight” blue and the “Tyrian” purple LED illumination.

The PARTHICA Core Gaming Keyboard features complex macros that can be used at “lightning-fast speed”, helping gamers achieve those combos that take you up the leaderboards, and if you want to reach the top, it also offers customizable profiles to help you in your quest. The keyboard can be customized to the gamer’s liking with its impressive configuration software, fitted with 5 custom profile slots and a powerful integrated macro editor.


The keyboard also features Game on Detection (G.O.D.) technology, giving the opportunity to store and load your custom game profiles automatically when you launch your desired game. The lighting profiles also have four states, OFF if you feel that it distracts you from your gameplay, 50% intensity, 100% intensity and pulsating. You can also shuffle your key response from 4 selectable response timing: 2 ms, 4 ms, 8 ms and all the way up to 16 ms. There is also a feature that lets you record your macros on the fly.

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Full feature specs:

  • Customisable functions and look
  • Freely configurable key/button functions Features
  • Three color LED illumination options
  • 93 configurable keys, 15 freely programmable buttons
  • 5 macro buttons plus 10 multimedia buttons and practical on-the-fly macro recording
  • Maximum gaming comfort thanks to extra-high raised keys for precise keystrokes, clearly labelled WASD and arrow keys, plus an on/off switchable Windows key
  • Anti-ghosting and 6-key rollover technology
  • On/off switchable and configurable LED keyboard illumination with 3 breathtaking colours
  • Profile button for toggling between up to 5 config profiles
  • Powerful macro editor integrated in the driver
  • Internal memory (128kb) for importing/exporting profiles
  • Auto-loading game profiles
  • Perfect ergonomics thanks to comfortable wrist rest, rubberized finish and height adjustment
  • USB polling rate configurable up to 1000Hz (ultrapolling)
  • Four selectable response-times down to 2 milliseconds
  • Flexible USB cable with hard-wearing sheath (1.8m)

Thank you SpeedLink for providing us with this information
Images courtesy of SpeedLink

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