Speedlink Xeox Pro Analogue Wireless PlayStation 3 & PC Gamepad Review

/ 4 years ago

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It was only a few weeks ago that we brought you a review of Speedlinks affordable PlayStation 3 controller the Strike FX-6, I loved that budget controller so much that after over a month after testing it, I’m still using it for all of my PlayStation 3 gaming, especially since it’s trigger are exponentially better than the official PlayStation ones.

Speedlink have a solid history of creating third-party peripherals and the Strike FX-6 was proof that they could do it well. The product I have with me today is for the PlayStation 3 and would have been included in our Strike FX-6 review had I read the box and realised this is not an Xbox controller, no matter how much it looks like one! It is in fact every bit a PlayStation 3 controller, but its design is focused to look like an Xbox controller, just swapping the b for an e to become the Xeox.

With official controllers still costing in the region of £35 from most major retailers, you have good reason to shop around for a lower cost controller and with a price tag of just £16.99 + 3.91 shipping from Overclockers UK the Xeox is a very tempting option for both PlayStation 3 users and PC gamers alike. The question is, is it any good? Well if its performance and quality are at least on par with the last Speedlink controller I reviewed, the simple answer is certainly yes. So let’s get right to it and take a closer look at what the Xeox has to offer.

The controller is nicely packaged and on the front you’ll see a quick run down of the major features, this includes 10m range and 2.4GHz technology, force vibration, rapid fire, rubberised coating, ergonomic stick layout, Li-polymer internal battery and analogue sticks / triggers.


In the box you’ll find everything you need is included; the controller, the wireless adaptor USB dongle, a mini-USB charging cable and a quick install guide.


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